St Andrews Church.jpg

St Andrew's Church

Meets at: Old Church Road, BS21 7U
Tel: 01275 872 982


Christ Church Clevedon.jpg

Christ Church

Meets at: Chapel Hill,  BS21 7LL
Tel: 01275 872 134

Salvation Army Hall.jpg

Salvation Army

Meets at: 37 Old Street, 6DA
Tel: 01275 341 587


St Mary's Church.jpg

St Mary's Church

Meets at: Castle Road, BS21 7BY
Tel: 01275 873 257

Clevedon Baptist Church.jpg

Clevedon Baptist Church

Meets at: Station Road, BS21 6NH
Tel: 01275 876 878



Living Waters

Meets at: Clevedon School, BS21 6AH
Tel: 01275 344 954

All Saints Church.JPG

All Saints Clevedon

Meets at: All Saints Lane, BS21 6AU
Tel: 01275 873 257


St Peters Church.jpg

St Peter's Church

Meets at: Alexandra Road, Clevedon
BS21 7QJ
Tel: 01275 872 982

Kenn Road Methodist Church.jpg

Kenn Road Methodist Church

Meets at Kenn Road, BS21 6LH (parking at back via Halswell Road entrance)
Tel: 01275 872 580

St John the Evangelist's Church2.jpeg

St John's Church

Meets at: Queen's Road, BS21 7TH
Tel: 01275 341 830

Church of the immaculate Conception.jpg

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Meets at: Marine Hill, BS21 7PP
Tel: 01275 873 205                

ClevedonFMH BW.jpg

Clevedon Quaker Meeting

15 Albert Road, BS21 7RP
Tel: 01934 834663 (enquiries)
01275 792102 (lettings)